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Your Fiat 500e, Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid, as well as the 2016 or newer Chevrolet Volt and all Chevrolet Bolt EVs come with a portable charge cable that is capable of 120 volt / 12 amp charging from a normal household outlet. My240™ can also be used with all Tesla portable charge cables in North America (except 2008-2011 Tesla Roadster).

This type of recharging for your Electric Vehicle (EV) is sometimes referred to as “Level 1” or “L1”. Using this charge cable with a household wall receptacle adds about 3-4 miles or range per hour recharging.

My240™ allows your original Fiat or 2016 or newer GM / Clipper Creek Level 1 portable charge cable to be used as a “Level 2” or “L2” charger at virtually all 240 volt outlets in your home or business, or even out on the road at hotels, RV parks, Grandma’s house, etc. Your charging speed will double from 3-4 miles per hour to 6-8 miles per hour.

Because My240™ regularly sells for $39, when compared to the competition at $60 or more, it’s easy to see why they sell so well.

My240™ has a NEMA 5-15R on one end (the common household 120 volt wall receptacle that you’re used to plugging anything into), and a NEMA L6-20P locking plug on the other end that permits 240 volt “Level 2” or “L2” charging with your Fiat or 2016 and newer GM / Clipper Creek portable charge cable. We recommend that you have an electrician install a simple 240 volt / 20 amp or greater circuit at the normal charging location at your home or office, and you’ll be charging at DOUBLE SPEED!

But, what if you just need an adaptor for an already existing plug? That’s just an additional $39 more for one adaptor, or three adaptors for $99 more, five for $149, seven for $199, nine for $249, or all eleven for $279. We also build custom adaptors; just ask!

Our adaptors will be stocked for immediate shipping, with overnight shipping available from Fedex or UPS. We also ship US Postal Service.

Here are the adaptors that are available for My240™:

1) Adaptor "A" for RV parks, new clothes dryers, stoves and ovens (NEMA 14-60, 14-50, 14-30, 14-20)

2) Adaptor "B" for welders and industrial (NEMA 6-50)

3) Adaptor "C" for older electric clothes dryers (NEMA 10-30) 

4) Adaptor "D" for RV parks with "30 amp" service" (TT-30)

5) Adaptor "E" for 30 amp light industrial (NEMA 6-30)

6) Adaptor "F" for 30 amp locking plug (NEMA L6-30)

7) Adaptor "G" for 30 amp Generators with Pure Sine Wave (NEMA L14-30)

8) Adaptor "H" for 20 amp Generators with Pure Sine Wave (NEMA L14-20)

9) Adaptor "J" for Air Conditioners 240 volt / 20 amp (NEMA 6-20)

10) Adaptor "K" for Air Conditioners 240 volt / 15 amp (NEMA 6-15)

11) Adaptor "L" for commercial 120 volt / 20 amp (NEMA 5-20)

NOTE 1: Do NOT use the My240™ device with any electrical product EXCEPT the portable charge cable that is supplied for the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In HYBRID, the Fiat 500e and/or the portable charge cable manufactured by Clipper Creek for GM for the 2016 and newer Chevrolet Volt and all Bolt EV.

WARNING: Permanent damage to your charge cable, as well as possible fire, injury, or DEATH could result from misuse

Note: these have been sold by other suppliers that no longer sell them by the name of TeslaTap - Tesla is the registered trademark of Tesla Inc. and is not affiliated with QC Charge.

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