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APRIL 2020 - PRODUCTION HAS ENEDED. THE LAST ONE HAS BEEN SOLD. Thank you to the approximately 50 folks who purchased our kit. We all learned a LOT.

JdeMO for DC quick charging of the Tesla Roadster:


1) How many miles / kms of range autonomy will JdeMO add?

Answer: JdeMO adds about 2.5 miles (4 km) per minute while charging between 20% and 80% battery State Of Charge (SOC%).

A normal 30 to 45 minute charge session will add 75 miles (120 km) to 110 miles (180 km) of range, in about the time that you will have lunch, dinner, coffee, etc.


2) How fast will the Roadster be able to charge?

Answer: It will charge at approximately 300-400 volts DC at up to 125 amps, or about 40-50kW. That means that it can charge from 20% to 80% of the battery usable capacity in approximately 45-55 minutes. The Roadster battery has a capacity of about 53kWh when new (no degradation). The upgraded "v3" battery from Tesla is 70-80kWh and will require over an hour to fully charge.

3) Will I be able to use the Tesla Supercharger network?

Answer: No.

4) What kind of chargers can I use?

Answer: You will still be able to use the existing Roadster inlet / socket for charging, and additionally you will also be able to use any CHAdeMO charge station in the world (but not both at the same time). CHAdeMO is commonly known as the same quick charger used for the Nissan LEAF, KIA Soul EV or Mitsubishi iMiev. 

As of 2019, there are over 22,600 CHAdeMO chargers worldwide, with about 3000 in the North America, 7500 in Japan and 8000 in Europe. CHAdeMO is the only official DC charge standard in Japan, and an official DC charge standard (along with CCS-Combo2) in EU countries.

You specifically will NOT be able to use the Tesla Supercharger system, nor will it work at SAE-CCS-Combo1 or CCS-Combo2 chargers used by GM Bolt EV, BMW i3 and Volkswagon eGolf. (Note: BMW i3 uses CHAdeMO in Japan). JdeMO does not work with GB/T stations in China.

5) Where are these CHAdeMO chargers located?

Answer: We recommend using http://www.PlugShare.com or http://www.chademo.com to find a station.

6) Will JdeMO damage the car in any way?

Answer: No, if operating as designed. But, increasing the charge rate to any battery that has ever been designed in the history of mankind will likely shorten its lifespan. JdeMO carefully operates within the confines of what is safe for the battery. 

7) Will it void my warranty?

Answer: It should not void any warranty, however we do not have control of how any auto manufacturer will likely handle a warranty claim. In all likelihood, any battery failure would likely be blamed on any product connected to the battery, no matter how unlikely it actually did damage. Therefore, each JdeMO sale will require a "hold harmless" agreement that indemnifies QC Charge and its affilates from any claim.

Federal law sets forth requirements for warranties and contains a number of provisions to prevent vehicle manufacturers, dealers and others from unjustly denying warranty coverage. With regard to aftermarket parts, the spirit of the law is that warranty coverage cannot be denied simply because such parts are present on the vehicle, or have been used. The warranty coverage can be denied only if the aftermarket part caused the malfunction or damage for which warranty coverage is sought. Disputes in this area usually boil down to arguments over facts and technical opinions, rather than arguments over interpretations of the law.

Like the Magnuson-Moss Act that protects consumers, vehicle manufacturers may not refuse warranty repairs under the Clean Air Acts performance and defect warranties merely because aftermarket parts have been installed on the vehicle. The only circumstance under which the vehicle manufacturer can void the emissions warranties is if an aftermarket part is responsible for (causes) the warranty claim.

Should something go wrong, the warranty provider will need to determine the cause of the problem. The Federal Trade Commission says, “The manufacturer or dealer must show that the aftermarket or recycled part caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage.” That means if the dealer can prove (the burden is on the dealer) the problem was caused by the wrong viscosity or a poor quality oil filter, your warranty can be denied. Warranty protection would still be in effect for other parts of the cars.

8) Will there be a warranty on the JdeMO? 

Answer: All QC Charge products offer a one year limited warranty.

9) Will it be possible to remove JdeMO on a lease return car?

Answer: Yes.

10) Do I need to remove JdeMO to have normal service or maintenance performed?

Answer: Absolutely not. We specifically do not want you handling, modifying, repairing or in any way changing JdeMO except to recharge your Roadster from a CHAdeMO charger. 

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE CAN KILL. Fire, property damage, personal injury, electrocution, and even death is possible. DO NOT TOUCH, MODIFY, HANDLE, REPAIR OR CHANGE JdeMO IN ANY WAY.


11) Can I charge with a CHAdeMO charger and the Roadster / J1772 plug at the same time?

Answer: No.

12) Can I install JdeMO myself?

Answer: Absolutely not, unless you have the skill necessary to work with high voltage electricity. We specifically do not want you handling, modifying, repairing or in any way.

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE CAN KILL. Fire, property damage, personal injury, electrocution, and even death is possible. DO NOT TOUCH, MODIFY, HANDLE, REPAIR OR CHANGE JdeMO IN ANY WAY.


13) Can my local Tesla Service Center install JdeMO?

Answer: Yes, but the reality is probably NEVER !!!

14) How long will it take to install?

Answer: Up to 8 hours for experienced folks with a capable shop to work in. For hobbyists, probably a weekend is needed.

15) Will JdeMO be able to power my house through the CHAdeMO plug?

Answer: Yes, it may be compatible with V2G or V2H for CHAdeMO, therefore with appropriate external equipment, it may work. The reality is that it's not likely without additional programming or hardware. Obviously, we cannot guess how future equipment may be designed or operate.


16) I have heard that CHAdeMO in the future will by capable of up to 400kW capable. Will JdeMO be able to charge at that rate?

Answer: No, because in order to get the full 400kW power would require a 1000 volt battery. Like most modern electric vehicles, the Roadster uses a 400 volt battery, therefore the maximum charge rate for the Roadster will likely be 200 amps multiplied by 416 volts, or about 70-80kW. The 53kWh original battery with "potted" cells may not be able to sustain this charge rate.

Keeping the cells within the voltage and temperature limits is upmost importance. JdeMO monitors the battery 10 times per second. 

17) Where will JdeMO be mounted? 

Answer: Most of the hardware fits entirely under the rear trunk / boot. To charge, just plug in the CHAdeMO charge station plug into the receptacle / inlet port located beneath the rear bumper facia.


18) Can I install the recepatacle / inlet port in another location?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You can install it anywhere that you like. This is nothing the money and time can't overcome !!! 


19) Are there any limitations?


Answer: Yes, there are a few. Immediately after using a CHAdeMO station, the regenerative braking will be significantly reduced for 30 miles (50 km) up to 60 miles (100 km). Some people have reported even longer.

Also, there currently is not a method to lock the doors in the car while charging. There have been many suggestions of methods to do this, including using an aftermarket product called "OVMS" with your mobile phone, or an addtional lock switch in the boot (that can be unlocked with a spare mechanical key)

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