40 Amp J1772 Plug/Cable Assembly
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This is a J1772 50 amp plug (Dostar: V3-DSS-50P) wired for EVSE connection, with 20 feet of 40 amp, 1/2 inch, flexible, 8 conductor, cable. You can buy in any length from 5 feet to 40 feet by selecting the length of cable option.

This cable can be used for any standard 4-wire connection, but provides two additional 18 gauge wires to power enhanced features such as lighting, automatic door controls, timers, and power sensors.

The cable outside diameter is only .56 inches which makes it very flexible and easy to roll up.

The 8 conductors are as follows:

2 red 12 awg

2 black 12 awg

1 green 12 awg

1 purple 20 awg

1 blue 18 awg

1 orange 18 awg

  • Item #: JPC40A

J-Plug™ - 40 Amp J1772 Plug/Cable Assembly

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