Battery 12 Volt Group 24F Bosch AGM
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Bosch S6 Batteries with High-Performance AGM Technology For greater convenience, safety and efficiency, more and more equipment demands a battery capable of supplying power for starting with top performance. The Bosch S6 battery featuring:

*High-performance AGM technology (AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat) meets even the greatest challenges

*30% more deep cycle and vibration resistance than conventional batteries

*100% maintenance free*

*Sealed and 100% leak-proof in any position; also for passenger compartment use

*Latest technology for start/stop applications

*Advanced, high-performance Bosch Platinum Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, designed to deliver up to 2X the life of conventional flooded batteries

Height (in.) 9
Cranking Amps @ 32F 850
Terminal Type T
Width (in.) 6.81
Reserve Capacity (minutes) 120
Length (in.) 10.75
Group Size 24F
Voltage 12
BCI # 24F
Weight (lbs) 41
Height (mm) 229
Length (mm) 273
Right Or Left Hand Positive Right
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) @ 0F 710
Width (mm) 173
Wet or Dry Wet


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Battery 12 Volt Group 24F Bosch AGM

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